Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Wilhelm Snodgrass: A Remembrance

Wilhelm Snodgrass was not the president of the local Key Club and he did not graduate with honors from Tuckersville High School in 1952. He never attended Middle Tennessee College nor did he earn a bachelor's degree in 1974. He was not a graduate of Columbia University where he did not receive a Master's Degree in Molecular Biology in 1977. Wilhelm was never a gifted athlete and did not achieve his dream of playing third base for the Yankees. He was never CEO of a Fortune 500 company and was not featured in Forbes magazine in 1993. He did not spearhead the United Against Cancer charity. He did not remain active in retirement nor was he "like a friendly grandfather to the neighborhood kids."

Wilhelm was not the husband of a loving wife, Matilda Snodgrass, who did not pass in 2009. He is not survived by two sons, Jacob and Herbert, and one daughter, Teresa. He never had seven grandchildren.

Wilhelm did catch a 23-inch brown trout in 1991, which was featured as the "Whopper of the Week" by the Tuckersville Daily Herald. He loved saltwater taffy.

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