Sunday, April 28, 2013

George W. Bush's Semen Drenches Crime Scene

The George W. Bush Presidential Center dedication ceremony occurred April 24th, 2013. The center includes a library and museum. In lockstep with the dedication come numerous editorials, columns and blogs taking the rectal temperature of George W. Bush Junior’s legacy to date. Of course, the centerpiece of the conversation is the lingering fumes of the Iraq War.

I’d like to clang my cymbals on the subject and hope my notes transcend the ruckus of noise instigated by the sophomoric glut of critics Bush Jr. has rustled since 2000. I’m going to refrain from picking the low hanging fruit and suggest that GWB’s presidential library is populated with pop-up books or joke that only a single copy of See Jack Run is available for check-out. On the other hand, perhaps a guided tour of the museum portion of the center features heaps of Iraqi civilian wax-figure corpses or tape-looped footage of Colin Powell pumping the United Nation’s snatch-wacker in lea of yanking the rip cord on Shock and Awe.

I’ll grant George W. Bush Jr. the benefit of the doubt and assume that he and his cohorts honestly believed that Saddam Hussein and his cohorts harbored weapons of mass destruction, and colluded with Al-Qaida. For the sake of this post I’ll concede that Colin Powell’s evidence of Iraq’s clandestine war machine and terrorist ties, as presented to the United Nations pre-war, was not fabricated to persuade the world to purchase a ticket for the war ride.

Regardless, no weapons of mass destruction were unearthed and no bonds to terrorists were exposed.

Ten years after the invasion of Iraq the numbers have crossed the ticker: 4,486 US soldiers are dead and 116,000 Iraqi civilians are dead. Nevermind that the cost of the war equals $2.2 trillion in 2013 and will cost $3.9 trillion in 2052 adjusted for interest.

Now THAT is a helluva mistake!

Actually, sounds more like manslaughter. George W. Bush’s honest misstep resulted in 120,486 deaths.
A few years ago a Pittsburgh-area man didn’t secure his truck’s hitch properly and his load dislodged on Route 8 and struck a van, killing a family. The perpetrator was rightfully charged with manslaughter and punished. One of his repayments to society was to honor a judge’s order—the man was sentenced to hang a photo of the dead family on his living room wall as a chronic reminder of his transgression. The punishment seems harsh at first blush, but a family is now dead due to the man’s oversight.

Why is the Commander-In-Chief of the United States of America not held to a similar standard? Where are the manslaughter charges? George W. Bush is clearly guilty on 120,486 counts.

In a just system a judge would’ve ordered a construction crew to build a hallway on the Texas ranch. The hallway would subsequently be decorated with a headshot of every life snuffed as a result of an honest mistake. Install a single toilet at the opposing end of the hallway so whenever the convicted cowboy needs to drop a deuce he’d be relegated to mosey by two miles of the frozen stares of the slaughtered.
Sounds like a fair punishment in accord with precedent.

Before the construction crew clocks out, they might as well add an addition wing to the ranch to accommodate the war wounded. Dick Cheney can spoon-feed the paralyzed, scratch the itches of the amputees and read bedtime stories to the orphans.

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