Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Classic Rockers' Childhood Warning Signs of Future Disagreeable Behavior

Ozzy Osbourne- Bit the head off Mr. Fuzz, the 3rd grade class hamster.

John Lennon- Shadowed daily by playground sweetheart resulting in lifetime ban from BOY'S ONLY treehouse.

Roger Waters- Walled-in self using couch cushions from ages 7-9 and refused play dates with neighborhood children.

Pete Townshend- Smashed tin whistle after talent show rendition of When the Band Comes Marching In.

Gene Simmons- Got tongue stuck to frozen flag pole during recess. (No dare)

Robert Plant- Yelled "woot-woot" whenever Sunday school teacher mentioned Satan.

Axel Rose- Announced album Chinese Democracy would be released by first day of middle school.

Elton John- Wore Halloween costumes every day of year except Halloween. (see also David Bowie and Peter Gabriel)

Phil Collins- Born on 1/30/1951 in London, England.

Keith Richards- Used character band-aides to cover heroine track marks.

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