Saturday, May 21, 2016

In God We Trust?

My comment to Francis Hynds' Post Gazette editorial: 

'In God We Trust' might be just what we need in schools

The one person you SHOULDN'T trust is god.
Francis, do you watch the evening news? Aren't you appalled by the carnage and suffering that unfolds while God lounges on his cloud throne? A children's hospital in Syria was bombed a few weeks ago. God ate buttered popcorn and watched. Maybe he got up halfway through the humanitarian response to take a leak. Or maybe he switched seats for a closer look at a North Korean gulag. Bravo!
Have you read the Old Testament, Francis? It's the biography of a jealous megalomaniac. God murders the entire world, and that's in the FIRST CHAPTER. Spoiler alert. His behavior doesn't improve as the story rolls on.
I wouldn't trust God to watch my cat for a half hour. Unless, of course, I wanted my cat to be turned into a pillar of salt as punishment for pooping outside the litter box.
Yeah, let THAT GUY in schools.

I'm going to write a lot more about this subject when my goddamn right hand is out of this cast. Thanks, God.

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