Thursday, July 7, 2016


I wish to thank the conservative-minded FB users who post memes, share articles published on right-wing blogs, and display tweets.

I admit, Kermit the Frog sippin' on iced tea and sassin' Obama's clandestine Muslim agenda really ripped off my blinders. That sentiment from Crushin Libs, the transcendent site which boasts itself as "a stomping ground for putting liberal simpletons in their place" is a renowned bastion of critical thinking. And that scathing yet sobering quote from luminary Phil Robertson...

Ok. Enough.

Have a friggin' opinion of your own for once. Could you? If you're so angered by the state of affairs perhaps you should take residence behind a keyboard and attempt to formulate a reasoned argument to justify your position, however senseless. Rather, you gleefully duck behind your faux witticisms, which are merely billboards that pronounce your inanity. Re-posting recycled dimwitted memes and illogical conspiracy theories of like-minded nincompoops merely underscores the notion that a feckless and intellectually impotent mind is feverishly pushing buttons and yanking levers behind the curtain, haphazardly directing the grating social saber-rattling on stage.
Anyway, your rabble-rousing Kermit begs for a reaction. This "rable" is roused.

You want a fight. So do I. But you may lament those gun rights you hold so dear. I possess all the goddamn ammo.

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